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Stay Safe When Your Campfire Is Ablaze | SERVPRO® of North Lilburn

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

a close up view of a bright campfire burning at night If you have experienced fire or smoke damage, contact SERVPRO® of North Lilburn today.

Everyone loves the classic scene of a campfire in your backyard, roasting marshmallows and sharing laughs with your family. The warmth of the fire keeps everyone comfortable as the sun sets, and it’s a great time!

Fires are used for numerous reasons and in a wide variety of locations, from yards to campsites and for comfort, fun or a meal. However, the fires that we think are safe and easily controllable are more dangerous than we believe.

According to our National Park Service, almost 85% of wildfires are started by humans.

In Georgia, we face a significant risk of outdoor fires spreading when we least expect it. Our area’s high heat combined with an abundance of foliage creates the perfect environment to sustain a fire and allow it to expand.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t burn your dead plants or have campfires around your home. Follow these safety measures every time you burn, so that you can relax and enjoy your low-risk fire.

Recreational Fire Hazards

It is true that any kind of flame can become dangerous, but the most common outdoor fires spread due to a campfire, grill or fireworks. On average, grills are responsible for 8,800 home fires every year, usually due to an operating error. It’s crucial to check that the flames are gone, and especially important that the propane is turned off before leaving your grill unattended.

When building a campfire, the most important decision is the location of it. Select a place that’s separated from structures or vehicles, and avoid using accelerants like gasoline to get it going. Once the fire is roaring, make sure to only use wood as fuel, and keep a watchful eye on where the embers are landing.

A backyard fire pit is one of the most common desires for every homeowner, but just because it’s part of your property doesn’t mean it’s always safe. You should follow every precaution like you would with a traditional fire, such as ensuring that you don’t place it under an overhang.

Many homeowners choose to get rid of home repair materials or household waste in their fires, but you should only burn approved firewood.

Fireworks are another common cause of outdoor fire spread, and while they are legal in Georgia, Gwinnett officials always advise us to attend firework shows instead of trying them ourselves. If you are going to be launching off fireworks, be sure to have an adult supervising at all times, and only launch them directly into the air to avoid collision with a home or a person.

Other Outdoor Fire Hazards

Although they can be destructive, fires and combustible materials still serve a purpose. Areas like ours with a large number of dead leaves in the fall make burning one of the most effective ways to clean up our yards.

The Gwinnett County government has prohibited all debris burning from May 1 through Sept. 30, but you can still perform outdoor burns during the other months.

Removing dead foliage and debris from your yard is an important part of keeping your home safe from wildfires. There is also specialized landscaping that can help prevent fires from spreading around your property. Most importantly, knowing what to burn and adhering to standard fire safety procedures can prevent fires from becoming unmanageable.

Most people store gas in the shed or oil in the garage for a variety of reasons. Improper storage can cause destructive results, like the leakage of liquid or fumes that could ignite. Only use officially approved containers for gas and oil, and keep them away from any child’s grasp.

Before igniting a fire outside, check the local weather conditions and regulations to make sure that you’re in the clear. High winds and dry spells are a sign that you should pass on the fire and enjoy one another night.

If you do unfortunately experience a home fire, call SERVPRO of North Lilburn. Our experts are trained in every facet of damage cleanup and restoration. We maintain a primary goal of restoring as much of your property as soon as we possibly can!

Burn safely outdoors. And save some chocolate for us! If you have experienced fire or smoke damage, contact us today to get restoration started faster.

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