What our Customers say...


SERVPRO N. Lilburn/N. Lawrenceville Team did a great job on a large loss that occurred on one of assets! They also received an excellent compliment from the tenant!!! So grateful to have SERVPRO handle our remediation!!

Mold just kept on growing in our bathroom, no matter what I tried. I called SERVPRO in to help me and they took care of the moisture that was causing the mold and cleaned it all up for me.

I didn’t realize that SERVPRO would show up so fast when the kitchen washer poured water all through the first floor. I am grateful for their service.

Thank you for your diligence to get the job done quickly and correctly.

I couldn’t have kept my business running without the help of your team after such a loss. I am eternally grateful to you!

I am totally impressed how SERVPRO was able to fix up our home after it got flooded by the heavy rains. Definitely recommend them!

The lingering smoke smell in my house was the worst thing of the small fire, but SERVPRO managed to even restore my home’s smell as well! A-Plus.

The electrical fire was devastating to my emporium, but SERVPRO helped me get the coverage I needed and restored everything possible so I could begin again.

AMAZING. I can’t even tell that my house was ever on fire at one point. Excellent work SERVPRO.  

That storm left us with a leaky roof and interior damage, but your team came in fast and fixed it us all up again. Thanks!

Impressive turnover time. Very, very happy with the work.

We had extensive water damage throughout the house and didn’t know where to start on our own. Your team had a clear plan and did a wonderful job. 

The fire in my restaurant’s kitchen halted operations immediately. Thankfully, your team worked fast to get me back up and running.

I know I would have had to close my business a long time without the help of SERVPRO after the huge leak. I’m so glad I called you!

I am not much on giving reviews, but with service and quality like this, it needs to be recognized.

I almost lost my entire clothing boutique to flooding, but your team came to my rescue, restoring most of my merchandise plus my building.

I would like to say thank you for helping me clean up my mother's laundry room after major water damage from a busted pipe. You guys are true professionals who really came to the rescue and allowed my mother to stay in her North Lilburn home. Great work!

After a leaky faucet ruined the cupboards in my kitchen, your SERVPRO company came out the next day with a fair estimate, great equipment, and good products to fix my water damage. Thanks again for all that you did. We have a brand new kitchen!

Fire can leave behind a damaging odor from smoke and water damage. Your SERVPRO guys knew exactly how to treat the problem and fix the damage. Awesome!

After the big flood hit the Lilburn area, my company had to close for a week. I was out of work and turned to SERVPRO. They came in and not only removed the flood waters, but restored the damage that the flood left behind.

Awesome work! After I discovered some really dark, dangerous mold in my stairwell, I called your company and the problem is resolved. Thanks.

After an accident with our large fish tank, your company was able to help us to dry out and replace our carpeting and padding that got soaked through. Thank you.

These days it is so great to find a company who is so courteous and professional to work with. If I ever need water restoration services again, you will surely be who I call.

This team of professionals is just who you need when you’ve gone through a fire. They took care of all our damage and we couldn’t be happier.

My son suffers health problems and lately they seemed to be getting much worse. I was mortified when I discovered mold growing in his window sill and call you guys right away. I am so thankful I found you and my son can breathe easier now.

When the storms brought the flood waters into our home, you guys were the ones to help us extract all the water, clean up all the damages and make necessary repairs.

Believe me when I say not only will you not be disappointed when you choose this company for your water damage restoration, you will be pleasantly surprised at how professional and efficient they really are.

I couldn’t believe that my cat knocked over that candle and caused such a huge amount of damage to my bedroom. I was so grateful to find you guys, as you quickly and professional took care of all the damage.

I could not for the life of me find where the musty odor was coming from. Your team of professionals came in and found that I had a huge mold problem hiding in our walls, so you promptly and efficiently took care of it and my home smells great again.

When a spark jumped out of our fireplace and caught the carpeting on fire, it spread so fast. Your team of professionals was able to clean up all the damages fast, however, and restore us back to normal.

I never thought I would see our home back to its original state after all the water damage it sustained. Your company, however, as able to do just that – make our home our home again. Thank you so much.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to experience flooding in your home, these guys are the ones to turn to for cleanup and help with restoration. They have the experience and knowledge needed to do the job right.